Digitizing  Services

We Offer Complete Digitizing Services.

Digitizing is an art and not all embroidery files are equal. 

Our digitizing services guarantee that you receive the highest quality of work at an affordable price!

"We often receive digitized logos which the customer has purchased at very low rates.  These logos are usually digitized quickly and through scanned software ......... many of these logos must be re-edited and sewn out numerous times in order to get the logo ready for production.  In the end, the additional time spent on editing and working with low quality logos results in higher costs".

Please email us your artwork and we will be happy to quote the digitizing cost for you.

When submitting a digitizing order, it is important to include the following:

1.  Artwork in a jpeg or pdf file.
2.  Indicate either the width or height size of the logo.  (Please Note:  The maximum height of a hat logo is 2 inches.  The minimum size of lettering is .25 inches or 1/4 inch.)
3.  Indicate the colors you would like used within your logo.  We will be happy to assist you in matching thread and pantone colors.
4.  Indicate what type of material your logo will be sewn on such as: pique, fleece, knit, nylon, or twill. 
5.  Inform us if your logo is for hats or flats.  Hat logos must be digitized center out to compensate for material pull.